WHEEIN - In The Mood (1st Solo Album)

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The Poca Ver package includes:

  • 1 photo stand with a sleeve (85*130mm)
  • 1 QR card (55*85mm, random choice from 4 designs)
  • 2 photocards (55*85mm, random selection from 12 designs)
  • 2 stickers (70*90mm)
  • 1 user guide (55*85mm)
  • Digital contents

The Photobook Ver package includes:

  • Outerbox > Size: 125 x 175 x 15mm
  • Photobook Size: 123*170mm
  • MOOD Postcard Set > Size: 100*150mm (3 types of sets per version (total of 6 types)
  • Sticker > Size: 130*90mm (plate sticker)  1 type per version (total of 2 types, same cut line)
  • Photo Card > Size: 55*85mm (2 random types out of 6 types per version (total 12 types)
  • Lenticular Photo Card (2 layers) > Size: 55*85mm
  • Folded Poster > Size: 246*340mm (Folding No. 2)
  • CD-R

The Jewel Ver package includes:

  • Jewel outer box > size: 140*124*10mm
  • Saddle-stitched booklet > 120*120mm
  • CD-R Version 1 star (2 types in total)
  • Photo card size: 55*85mm

The tracks in the album are:

  • I Know I Know I Know (Beyond)
  • In The Mood
  • 17 (Feat. HWASA)
  • Spark
  • Bite Me (Feat. HAON)
  • Dance 4 You
  • On The Island
  • Aphrodite
  • Breath
  • Bittersweet
  • Here I Am

Wheein, a member of Mamamoo, known for her vocals and performances, debuted in 2014 and contributed to the group's success with hits like 'Mr. Ambiguous,' 'Piano Man,' 'Um Oh Ah Yeh,' 'What Are You,' 'Decalcomanie,' 'Decalcomani,' and 'Paint Me.' She plays a crucial role in defining Mamamoo's musical style with her captivating voice and technique.

Wheein also began her solo career, gaining recognition through collaborations like 'Domino' with CNBLUE in 2015 and 'Shadow' for the web drama "Yellow." Her participation in Junkie's 'It's a Burden' showcased her powerful vocals and reached high chart positions. She even ranked 37th on Melon's annual chart.

In 2018, Mamamoo released their fourth mini album, featuring Wheein's self-composed track 'Moderato.' Wheein's first solo single, 'EASY,' featured Sik-K and showcased her unique musical style, portraying a confident, independent woman.