BTS Merch Box (Choose version) (no Weverse membership needed)

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Note: No Weverse membership needed. We ship sealed box from HYBE directly to your address worldwide

Merch Box #16 INDIGO BOX > has released! Check out the images below

Do you want to collect BTS merch boxes but the cost is too high? Maybe you don't want to purchase all the 4 from Weverse or are scared of Weverse high shipping fees?

We got you covered, Oppa Store fam! Purchase any BTS Merch Box from us (based on availability) and we will ship to your address anywhere in the worldwide. 

You can choose from any of the group merch boxes (like 1-11 number) and also the individual merch boxes like:

  • Merch Box #12 > Jin
  • Merch Box #13 > Hobi
  • Merch Box #14 > Jimin
  • Merch Box #15 > Suga

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