V - Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V 'Veautiful Days'

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 'VEAUTIFUL DAYS' is a photobook containing: a 80-page photobook containing the beauty reinterpreted through V's vision.

*This photobook was made of naturally dissolved paper, eco-friendly ink and biodegradable PLA packaging material.

Photo folio contains

1. Pet Cover + Photobook
Size: 220x280mm / 80p

2. Mini Poster
Size: 150x200mm / 1ea

3. Folded Poster
Size: 410x550mm / 1ea

4. Postage Stamp
Size: 150x200mm / 1ea

5. Photocard
Size: 55x85mm / 1ea + Random 1ea of 3ea

6. V’s Item (Mini Note & Stickers)
Mini note size : 110x150mm / 1ea
Mini Sticker size : 50x50mm, 2ea | 60x37mm, 2ea | 37x60mm, 1ea

The idea for the Photo-Folio came from V and showcases a day in the life of a 19th century British gentleman, as reinterpreted through his own unique taste. The pictorial takes you through four chapters, reminiscent of a silent film, depicting a day in the life of a gentleman with activities such as horseback riding lessons, a calm afternoon tea in the solar, and outdoor

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