TRI.BE - W.A.Y 2nd Mini Album Nemo Ver.

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Release date: February 15th, 2023.

Contents of standard version

1 CD
1 Photobook (92 pages)
1 Tag
1 Film Photo
2 Photo Cards (random out of 12 types)
1 Folding Poster

Contents of Nemo version

1 NFC Card
4 Behind Photo Cards
2 Sign Language Photo Cards
2 Concept Photo Cards
1 Mugshot Card
2 Stickers

TRI.BE unveils their vibrant second mini-album, "[WAY]," marking a fresh musical journey characterized by candid confidence and cheeky charm. Led by the title track "WE ARE YOUNG," the album captures the spirit of fearless youth, celebrating resilience and the audacity to embrace challenges.

Departing from their previous high-teen concept, TRI.BE embraces a 'Millennium' era aesthetic, signaling a bold transition. With tracks like 'STAY TOGETHER,' 'WITCH,' and 'WOULD YOU RUN Original Ver.,' the album showcases diverse charms while highlighting the group's growth and versatility. As they embark on this new chapter, TRI.BE promises to captivate audiences with their infectious energy and spirited performances, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the journey ahead.

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