TREASURE The First Step : Treasure Effect - 1st Album

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Release Date: January 13, 2021

Contents of Kinho KiT version:

1 Air-KiT
1 Title Card
1 Lyrics Photo Card Set
1 Strap Keyring

Contents of standard photobook version

1 CD
1 Photo Book (156 pages)
1 Postcard File Folder (random out of 12 types)
1 Lyrics Postcard Set
1 Hologram Postcard (random out of 12 types)
1 Unit Polaroid (random out of 4 types)
1 Baby Photo Card (random out of 12 types)
1 Selfie Photo Card (random out of 12 types)
1 Graphic Sticker

Track list

02. 나랑 있자 (BE WITH ME)
04. BOY
05. 들어와 (COME TO ME)
06. 사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)
08. 음 (MMM)
09. 오렌지 (ORANGE)
10. 미쳐가네 (GOING CRAZY)
11. 사랑해 (I LOVE YOU) Mellow Mood. (Piano Ver.) (CD only)
12. 음 (MMM) Rock Ver. (CD only)

The conclusion of YG boy group Treasure's 'THE FIRST STEP' series marks a significant milestone in their musical journey, which dominated the latter half of 2020. Beginning with the vibrant 'BOY', continuing with the emotional 'I LOVE YOU', and culminating in the energetic 'MMM', the series showcased a relentless and dynamic progression. This final album encapsulates Treasure's hopeful and positive energy, with contributions from the members themselves and the guidance of leading producer Jin, expanding into new genres and presenting a surprise gift for fans. The series not only represents a great first step for Treasure but also hints at their leap into a broader and more adventurous future.

TREASURE's 1st album, [THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT], comes in three versions: BLUE, GREEN, and ORANGE, each with distinct components, and will be released on January 12th following pre-orders from December 29th. The album opens with the title track "MY TREASURE," which radiates positive energy and sets a hopeful tone for 2021. Other notable tracks include "Stay with me (BE WITH ME)," a tender song driven by a simple electric guitar melody and "SLOW MOTION," a reflective piece that emphasizes resilience and forward movement despite life's challenges. This album, with its diverse and sincere tracks, exemplifies Treasure's growth and the promising direction of their musical evolution.

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