The Boyz - [PHANTASY : Part.1 Christmas in August] - 2nd Album

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Release Date: August 8, 2023

Contents of Standard ver

1 CD
1 Photo Book (64 pages)
2 Postcards (random out of 22 types)
2 Photo Cards (random out of 22 types)
1 Track Sticker
1 Ticket
1 Mini Card Pamphlet
2 Still Photo (random out of 11 types)
1 Bookmark
1 Metal Clip

Contents of DVD ver

1 CD
1 Mini Book (16 pages)
1 Postcard
1 Photo Card (random out of 3 types)

Contents of Platform ver

1 Mini Card (QR Type, random out of 11 types)
1 Selfie Photo Card (random out of 11 types)
11 Official Photo Cards

Track List

01. LIP GLOSS (Title)
02. Passion Fruit
03. Lighthouse
04. 줄리의 법칙 (Fantasize)
05. Fire Eyes
06. 나만 아는 이야기 (Fairy Tale)

Seventeen's 7th mini-album, *[Henggarae]*, marks their return after nine months, brimming with energy to move beyond the "fear" expressed in their previous album, *[An Ode]*. The album conveys a supportive message and is named after a Korean word symbolizing the uplifting act of collective strength. Since their debut in 2015, Seventeen's discography reflects their growth and evolving perspectives, establishing a unique brand that has garnered global recognition.

The members, particularly Woozi, played a significant role in creating this album, which offers a blend of youthful vigor and encouragement. The title track, "Left & Right," mixes early 2000s hip-hop with modern sounds, urging listeners to face challenges bravely. The album includes six tracks that explore themes of overcoming fear, self-reflection, and collective journey, encapsulating the essence of youth and dreams.

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