Stray Kids Oddinary Mini Album

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There's nothing ordinary whenever Stray Kids are concerned! The album marks their continued trend-setting prowess, with all songs, including "MANIAC," self-produced by the group. Anticipation is high as they aim to further solidify their position in the industry, showcasing their unique style and energy that captivates fans worldwide.

Release date: March 18th.

Contents of Standard ver:

1 CD
1 Photo Book (76 pages)
1 Lyrics Paper
2 Photo Cards (random out of 24 types)
1 ID Photo Card (random out of 8 types)
1 Mini Poster (random out of 8 types)
1 Sticker

Contents of JEWEL CASE ver

1 CD
1 Photo Book (16 pages)
1 Photo Card (random out of 8 types)
1 Photo Badges (Ddakji) (random out of 2 types)
1 Sticker

Track List

01. 거미줄
02. MANIAC [타이틀]
03. Charmer
04. 땡
05. Lonely St.
06. 피어난다 (방찬, 리노, 승민, 아이엔)
07. Muddy Water (창빈, 현진, 한, 필릭스)

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