Stayc - Teenfresh - 3rd Mini Album

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Release Date: August 16, 2023

💿 Album Contents of Standard Version:

- Sleeve Case: 195x157mm, 1ea, 2 versions
- Out Box: 155x215mm, 1ea, 1 version
- Photobook: 150x210mm, 52p, 1ea, 2 versions
- Comic Lyrics Book: 150x210mm, 1ea, 12p, 1 version
- CD-R, Envelope: 125x125mm, 1ea, 2 versions
- Special 4Cut Photo: 45x140mm, random 1ea out of 6ea, 1 version
- Photocard: 55x85mm, random 2ea out of 12ea, 2 versions
- Tattoo Sticker: 40x60mm, random 1ea out of 6ea, 1 version
- Folding Poster: 250x378mm, random 1ea out of 6ea, 1 version
- Scratch Message Card: 60x150mm, random 1ea out of 6ea, 1 version
- Stayc Official Fragrance Card: 90x90mm, 1ea, 2 versions

💿 Album Contents of Digipack Version:

1 CD
1 Photo Book (12 pages)
2 Photo Cards (random out of 12 types)

💿 Album Contents of Platform Version:

1 Mini Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Selfie Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Jacket Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Official Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Sticker

💿 Tracklist

01. Bubble (Title)
02. Not Like You
03. I Wanna Do
04. Be Mine
05. Bubble (English Ver.)
06. Bubble (Sped Up) (English Ver.)

STAYC's 3rd mini-album, [TEENFRESH], encapsulates their unique blend of refreshing energy and bright, kitschy charm. Pioneering the TEENFRESH genre since debut, STAYC has consistently garnered love from audiences worldwide, with hits like "Teddy Bear" proving their versatility and appeal.

Produced by industry heavyweights like Black Eyed Pilseung and K-pop hitmakers, the album features tracks ranging from the upbeat title song "Bubble" to the heartfelt "I Wanna Do," spreading a message of embracing diversity and living joyfully in the present.

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