STAYC - Metamorphic - 1st Album

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Release date: July 2, 2024

Weverse shop Pre-order Benefits with each album > 1 unreleased selfie PC + 1 photo magnet. With platform ver you get 1 logo PET bookmark.

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1 CD
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1 Postcard (random out of 6 types)

Contents of Platform ver

1 Mini Card (QR Type) (random out of 6 types)
1 Official Photo Card
1 Selfle Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Sticker

STAYC's first full-length album, "Metamorphic," signifies their evolution, showcasing a blend of strong energy and kitsch in the new TEENFRESH genre they've pioneered. Released four years after their debut, the album reveals their growth story and introduces fresh musical narratives, highlighting their confident and cool image alongside diverse tracks that expand their artistic palette.

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