SEVENTEEN - [Heng:garae] - 7th Mini Album

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Release Date: July 2, 2024

Contents of Standard ver

1 CD
1 Book
1 Sticker
1 Lyric Paper
2 Photo Cards
1 Bookmark

Contents of KiT ver

1 Air-Kit
1 Title & Credit
1 Postcard
26 Photo Cards

Track List

01. Fearless
02. Left & Right
03. 좋겠다
04. My My
05. 어른 아이
06. 같이 가요

Seventeen's 7th mini-album, *[Henggarae]*, marks their return after nine months, brimming with energy to move beyond the "fear" expressed in their previous album, *[An Ode]*. The album conveys a supportive message and is named after a Korean word symbolizing the uplifting act of collective strength. Since their debut in 2015, Seventeen's discography reflects their growth and evolving perspectives, establishing a unique brand that has garnered global recognition.

The members, particularly Woozi, played a significant role in creating this album, which offers a blend of youthful vigor and encouragement. The title track, "Left & Right," mixes early 2000s hip-hop with modern sounds, urging listeners to face challenges bravely. The album includes six tracks that explore themes of overcoming fear, self-reflection, and collective journey, encapsulating the essence of youth and dreams.

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