SEVENTEEN An Ode - 3rd Album

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Contents of Standard version

  • 1 CD
  • 1 Photo Book (104 pages)
  • 1 Mini Books (8 pages, random out of 13 types)
  • 4 Photo Cards (random out of 52 types)

Contents of KiT verison

  • 1 Air-kit
  • 3 Postcards
  • 27 Photo Cards

[Track List]

1. HIT
2. 거짓말을 해
3. 독 : Fear * Title
4. Let me hear you say
5. 247
6. Second Life
7. Network Love
8. Back it up
9. Lucky
10. Snap Shoot
11. Happy Ending (Korean Ver.)

Group Seventeen is set to release their highly anticipated 3rd regular album, "An Ode," on September 16, marking nearly two years since their last release. The album builds upon their previous digital single, 'HIT', expanding into a new world and conveying messages metaphorically through the concept of an "Ode." It delves into themes of fear, exploring this emotion deeply as part of their creative process, resulting in a more mature and complete musical offering.

The title track, 'Poison: Fear,' is an R&B piece that vividly expresses the feeling of fear as 'poison', showcasing a darker side of Seventeen not previously revealed to the public. Alongside this, the album features a range of songs including 'Lie,' 'Let me hear you say,' 'Lucky,' 'Snap Shoot,' and 'Happy Ending,' with all members contributing to writing and composing, reflecting Seventeen's unique emotions. As they navigate through their growth and confront their fears, the album sets the stage for what lies ahead for the group.

Seventeen's 3rd album is set to be released on September 16, 2019. By purchasing this album, you'll be contributing to their ranking on the HANTEO Chart and GAON Chart, which can help them win awards.

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