‘Sea of JIN island’: Special 8 Photo-Folio

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Jin - special 8 photo-folio me, myself, and jin 'sea of jin island'

Contents :
- 1 pet cover
- 1 photo book (80p)
- 1 mini poster
- 1 folded poster
- 1 postage stamp
- 1 photocard
- 1 photocard (random 1 out of 3)
- 1 jin's item (fish card 4ea)

Jin's Photo-Folio project showcases the different sides of him that are not often seen by the public. The concept of the Photo-Folio is inspired by Jin's emotions and experiences at the sea. It consists of three different concepts that portray diverse emotions. In one concept, Jin portrays a pirate in darkness, expressing his fear of being an outsider or an alien. In another concept, he appears as a dignified captain who is proud of his small boat under the rising sun. The third concept depicts a brave fisherman whose life revolves around the sea.

Through these concepts, Jin aims to showcase his diverse personality and emotions, which are often overshadowed by his usual charming and cheerful image. The Photo-Folio captures Jin's vulnerability, strength, and bravery, as he explores the different facets of his personality through the lens of the sea. The project is expected to provide fans with a new perspective on Jin, revealing a side of him that they may have never seen before.