RM - BTS Special 8 Photo-Folio Photobook Me, Myself, and RM ‘Entirety’

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Inclusions - 

  • Pet Cover + Photobook - 220x280mm / 80p
  • Mini Poster - 200x150mm / 1ea
  • Folded Poster - 410x550mm / 1ea
  • Postage Stamp - 150x200mm / 1ea
  • Postcard - 55x85mm / 1ea + Random 1ea of 3ea
  • RM's Item (bookmark) - 30x105mm / 2ea

"Entirety" is a photobook that delves into the identity of Kim Namjoon and his alter-ego RM. Through this project, fans will have the opportunity to witness the contrast between the calm and laid-back persona of Kim Namjoon and the dynamic, charismatic and energetic stage presence of RM.

The photobook will showcase various aspects of his personality, both as a young man and as an artist. Furthermore, it will explore RM's profound reflections on the duality of his true self and his artistic persona, ultimately revealing a deeper understanding of himself as an artist.

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