Time Difference Me, Myself & Jungkook - Special 8 Photo-folio

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The photobook's concept is centered around the theme of "Time Difference" which highlights the contrast between day and night. It depicts the transformation of a human into a vampire, showcasing the vulnerability that comes with being exposed to sunlight during the day, while also highlighting the power and strength gained in complete darkness during the night.

- 1 PET Cover
- 1 Photo Book (80p)
- 1 Mini Poster
- 1 Folded Poster
- 1 Postage Stamp
- 1 Photo Card
- 1 Photo Card (Random 1 out of 3)
- 1 Jungkook's Item included in photo folio (Photo coaster)

The photobook portrays the inner conflict of the vampire (seen through Jungkook's eye), with hunger and thirst for power being expressed alongside a mesmerizing and attractive appearance.

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