IVE - I've Ive - 1st Full Album

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Release Date: April 11, 2023

Contents of Standard version

1 CD
1 Photo Book Set (68 + 60 pages)
1 Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Sticker

Contents of JEWEL version

1 CD
1 Photo Book (20 pages)
1 Photo Card (random out of 6 types)
1 Mini Folded Poster (random out of 6 types)

Track List

01. Blue Blood
02. I AM *타이틀
03. Kitsch
04. Lips
05. Heroine
06. Mine
07. 섬찟 (Hypnosis)
09. 궁금해 (Next Page)
10. Cherish
11. Shine With Me

IVE, a groundbreaking K-pop group, has rapidly become an irreplaceable presence in the industry, achieving significant success within a year of their debut. With hit songs like "ELEVEN," "LOVE DIVE," and "After LIKE," they secured 37 music show wins and major year-end awards, showcasing their confidence and unique identity. Their first full-length album, [I've IVE], released eight months after their million-seller single "After LIKE," emphasizes themes of self-love, self-confidence, and freedom, featuring powerful vocals, dynamic melodies, and stylish messages. Members Ahn Yu-jin and Jang Won-young contributed to the lyrics, adding depth to the album. IVE continues to captivate with their elegant beauty, unpredictable charm, and confident messages, solidifying their status as a K-pop game changer.

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