[Innisfree] Collagen Green Tea Ceramide Bounce Cream - 50 ml

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Expressing the benefits and characteristics of a skincare product, particularly tailored for those in their late 20s seeking more than basic moisturization, is essential. This product becomes the preferred choice when traditional moisturizing or moisture barrier creams fall short, and heavy anti-aging creams prove cumbersome.

Addressing the concerns of dull and weak skin, this product elevates the elasticity barrier, resulting in a transformation to firm and healthy skin. Users report a 93.3% reduction in perceived heaviness compared to typical elasticity creams, and a 96.6% improvement in skin firmness over moisturizing creams the next day.

How to use

To incorporate this product into your skincare routine, apply it generously on your face as the final step in your skincare regimen.


This high-density cream ensures efficient absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Emphasizing sustainability, the product is housed in a refillable container made from recycled glass and plastic, utilizing soybean ink and FSC certified printing paper.

Key ingredients include collagen derived from auditory perception and green tea ceramide, combining to offer a superior 199% elasticity index. The green tea ceramide, resilient against hot sunlight, contributes excellent moisturizing and barrier care.