(New 2023 version) iKON KONBAT Lightstick

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Package contains:
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- 1 Strap
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Let's go on an iconic ride with iKON's latest comeback! Pre-order the iKON Konbat 2023 version only from #OppaStoreIN.

The Konbat is the official lightstick of the South Korean boy group iKON, and it has a unique design that sets it apart from other K-pop lightsticks. The Konbat is shaped like a baseball bat and features a bold, red "K" logo at the top, which lights up in a vibrant shade of red when activated. The rest of the lightstick is a sleek, black color with the iKON logo printed near the handle. Fans can use the Konbat to show their support for the group during concerts, fan meetings, and other events. The Konbat also comes with a wrist strap and a protective case, making it easy for fans to carry it around and keep it safe.

The Konbat has become a popular symbol of iKON's fandom, known as iKONICs, and has been used in various fan projects, including forming a sea of red at concerts and creating heart-shaped formations with the lightsticks. The Konbat has also been praised for its durability and long battery life, making it a reliable accessory for fans to use during iKON's performances. Overall, the Konbat is a must-have item for any iKON fan, and it serves as a symbol of the group's powerful and energetic music.