GOT7 Youngjae X Ceci All Night And All Day

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Hey there, GOT7 Youngjae fans! We've got something special just for you. Introducing the GOT7 Youngjae X Ceci All Night and All Day Photobook Editions Get ready to dive into the world of Youngjae with this limited edition photobook. But hurry, it's first come first serve!

What's inside:
- 1 Photobook (144p) filled with stunning photos of Youngjae
- 4 Random photo cards out of a set of 12
- 2 Post cards to add to your collection
- 1 Folding poster to decorate your space
- 2 Photo booth strips for some fun memories
- 1 Handwriting sticker for that personal touch

This photobook is in Korean, so you can immerse yourself in Youngjae's world even more. It's the perfect addition to your GOT7 collection.

Now, here's the important part. By purchasing this photobook, you're not only getting a piece of Youngjae, but you're also supporting the artist. It's a win-win!

Mark your calendars because the release date for this photobook is July 31st, 2023. Please note that the shipment will be after this date, as it depends on the production process. Keep an eye out for any updates on the release date.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your GOT7 Youngjae X Ceci All Night and All Day Photobook Edition C or D now and secure your spot before they're all gone. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to get closer to Youngjae