Enhypen - Border Carnival - 2nd Mini Album

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- 1 Photo Book ( UP ver. 104p / HYPE ver. 112p / DOWN ver. 100p )
- 1 CD
- 1 Lyric Book (16p)
- 2 Photo Card (Random 2 out of 15)
- 1 Lenticular Card (Random 1 out of 7)
- 1 Signature Sticker
- 1 CARNIVAL Ticket
- 1 Folded Poster (ON PACK)

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Track List

01. Intro : The Invitation
02. Drunk-Dazed
04. Not For Sale
05. 별안간 (Mixed Up)
06. Outro : The Wormhole

ENHYPEN, touted as a '4th generation hot icon,' has made a dynamic return with their second mini-album 'BORDER: CARNIVAL,' just after a five-month hiatus. This release, particularly the title track 'Drunk-Dazed,' captures the group's candid emotions navigating the dazzling yet bewildering world post-debut.

The album encapsulates their journey through a carnival-like realm, symbolizing the excitement, confusion, and euphoria of newfound fame. Visually stunning, the album's three concepts ('UP,' 'HYPE,' 'DOWN') mirror their emotional rollercoaster, while tracks like 'FEVER' and 'Not For Sale' delve into relatable themes of longing and identity. Backed by the expertise of HYBE Labels, ENHYPEN's strategic promotional content and captivating performances solidify their status as a rising force in the K-pop scene, promising another leap forward for the group.

Release date: April 27, 2021

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