[Dermatory] Pro Trouble Pore Clear Pad 70 sheets

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- Pore Clear Pad for blackhead removal and overall pore care.
- Recommended for reducing oily sebum, flaky dead skin cells, and tightening pores.
- 94% positive feedback on pore care, sebum control, and smooth skin texture.
- Users report effective base makeup, low irritation, and usage for over 5 boxes.
- Provides 7 improvements for pores, sebum, and skin texture.
- All-in-one care for stretched pores, oily sebum, and blackheads.
- Achieves temporary reductions in blackheads, pore volume, size, density, and number.
- Improvements in pore depth, sebum, and skin texture.
- Soft, curved embossing side clears pores, while the plane side improves skin texture.
- Dermatory's special tweezers included for easy pad removal.
- Refillable container for hygiene and eco-friendliness.

How to use

- Embossing side: Wipe rough skin texture gently for skin clearing.
- Plane side: Tap pad for intensive soothing and pore care, then leave on for 5-10 minutes before removal to absorb essence.