BTS '7FATES: CHAKHO' Comic book

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BTS's '7FATES: CHAKHO' the webtoon is set to make its debut in print form! Ize Press is scheduled to publish the first volume of '7FATES: CHAKHO' in English in October 2023, and pre-orders are currently open.

Note - It is in Korean language. It has 196 pages, and weights 255 grams.

Release Dates for  BTS '7FATES: CHAKHO'

Volume 1:
🗓 [DATE]: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 (already released in Korea)

Volume 2:
🗓 [DATE]: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Storyline for the comic book

Zeha awakens with amnesia after a brutal attack, discovering he's a key figure in a battle against otherworldly monsters. He must gather a team of seven destined allies to combat the looming threat.

"7Fates: Chakho" is a contemporary urban fantasy narrative, taking place in the not-so-distant future and drawing its inspiration from the "Chakhogapsa," a group of tiger hunters during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. Within this sprawling epic, we witness the journey of seven young men whose lives are inexorably intertwined by destiny. Through a series of challenges and adversities they face together while growing up, they are tasked with forging a united group of seven individuals to unveil their ultimate purpose.

The story introduces us to a diverse cast of characters, each bearing a unique name and role:

- Dogeon, or RM
- Hwan, or Jin
- Cein, or Suga
- Hosu, or J-Hope
- Haru, or Jimin
- Jooan, V
- Zeha, as Jungkook