[Beauty Of Joseon] Glow Deep Serum : Rice + Alpha Arbutin 30ml

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Glow Deep Serum is upgraded with a formula enriched with 68.6% rice bran water and 2% alpha-arbutin. Alpha-arbutin effectively suppresses melanin formation and improves pigmented skin like freckles for bright, clear complexion.
This serum delicately moisturizes and nourishes skin for hydrated, healthy skin. It has a lightweight and watery texture that promotes absorption, leaving your skin feeling comforted.

- Serum for pigmentation and uneven skin tone concerns.
- Contains 68% rice bran water and 2% alpha arbutin for brighter and healthier skin.
- Lightweight and hydrating, enriched with traditional Korean herbal medicine ingredients.
- Cruelty-free and vegan.

Beauty of Joseon, Glow Deep Serum has anti-pigmentation and skin brightening abilities. The serum offers dual benefit of fading skin pigmentation & melasma and protecting skin from getting pigmented easily. It is formulated with 68% Rice Bran Water and 2% Arbutin. 

Suggested Use:
- Apply a proper amount of serum to the face and pat gently for absorption.

Key Ingredients:
- Rice Bran Water 68%: Traditional Korean skincare ingredient rich in amino acids and minerals, moisturizes dry skin.
- Alpha-Arbutin 2%: Inhibits tyrosinase activity, limits melanin production, known to be 10 times more effective than regular Beta-Arbutin.