257 - [BLACK OUT] 1st Album NEMO ALBUM FULL Version

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Release Date: May 24, 2024

Contents (per version):

  • 1 TAG LP
  • 6 Photo Cards
  • 2 Selfie Photo Cards (random out of 12 types)
  • 1 Sticker

[Track List]

DISK(CD) 1.01. BLACK OUT02. Starlight

The group '257', comprising Kubin, Mido, and Immacho, debuts with their first single album "257 1st Album - BLACK OUT", featuring the title song "BLACK OUT" narrating their journey from emptiness to reconnection. The album encapsulates the essence of their shared experiences and emotions. Additionally, the Nemo Album, an eco-friendly smart album, utilizes bioplastic ECOZEN for its components, ensuring low carbon emissions and absence of environmental hormones. With various forms and authentication methods through the Nemoz app, it offers multilingual content updates and contributes to CIRCLE and HANTEO chart sales.

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