E'LAST Single Album Vol. 1 - Dark Dream

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1. 악연(Dark Dream)
2. Muse
3. To Lie
4. 악연(Dark Dream) inst.

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RELEASE DATE: September 30th, 2021

Elast, a Korean music group, is returning with their second album after a year-long break. The album features the return of member Wonjun who was not able to participate in their previous release, "Tears". Despite busy schedules with broadcasting, OST participation, and unit activities, the members prepared for this album with both regret and anticipation for new activities. Their energy and chemistry reached a new level in this album, particularly in the title song "Bad Match". The album includes three songs, "Bad Match", "Muse", and "To. Lie", each showcasing the group's unique style and growth. "Bad Match" features a mix of aggressive beats, rapping, and orchestration, while "Muse" has a trap-style hip-hop beat with R&B influences. "To. Lie" is a Teen Pop song with electronic elements and a fantasy-like theme. Overall, the album highlights each member's individuality with unpredictable changes and various colors.