‘All New Hope' Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and J-hope

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Contents :

  • Pet Cover + Photobook : 220x280mm | 80p
  • Mini Poster : 150x200mm | 1ea
  • Folded Poster : 410x550mm | 1ea
  • Postage Stamp : 150x200mm | 1ea
  • Photocard : 55x85mm | 2ea (1ea + Random 1ea of 3ea)
  • j-hope’s Item (Swing Card) : 450x150 mm | 1ea

The 'All New Hope' photobook was created from j-hope's concept, which explores the idea of encountering a new hope and revealing hidden sides of himself. The photobook captures the contrast between light and dark, representing the fragile and risky journey of breaking away from his previous self and being reborn as a stronger individual after finding new hope.

This project showcases a different side of j-hope, departing from his usual image of being cool and cheerful on the streets. The 80-page photobook is expected to reveal the unique charm that only j-hope can express.