TAMBURINS Perfume Balm 6.5g

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PERFUME BALM PUMKINI: A blend of sweet white pumpkin, refreshing shiso leaf, and creamy coconut milk creates a unique and harmonious scent with a subtle spiciness, leaving a deep aftertaste.

PERFUME BALM HOLY METAL: Imagine the tranquil atmosphere of a sacred chapel with thuja leaf and sage, enhanced by incense and metallic undertones. White musk and woody notes linger gently, creating a mysterious and holy ambiance.

PERFUME BALM CHAMO: Thick chamomile blends with bitter clary sage in a comforting harmony, wrapped in soft wood grain and warm musk, offering solace to a weary heart.

PERFUME BALM BERGA SANDAL: Bergamot and green tangerine evoke memories of Mediterranean summers, while sandalwood leaves a softly lingering trail, reminiscent of sunny days.

PERFUME BALM LALE: Crisp green apple and dew-soaked white tulip combine with spicy leather and rich sandalwood, leaving a deep and subtle lingering scent.

PERFUME BALM SUEDE PEAR: Cool pear wrapped in suede meets bitter galbanum, with mature whisky notes adding depth and heavy amber musk prolonging the fragrance.

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