[ROUND LAB] 1025 Dokdo Toner

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Korea's top-rated toner is enriched with deep-sea ingredients from Ulleung-do, offers moisture balance. It features patented HATCHING EX-07 for gentle daily exfoliation, and includes Panthenol, betaine, and allantoin to soothe and refine skin.

Dive into Round Lab's 1025 Dokdo Jumbo Toner, a Korean skincare essential and TikTok sensation! This XL toner, celebrated for its minimal yet effective formula, leverages deep sea-powered hydration for award-winning softening and smoothing. Infused with Deep Sea Water from Ulleungdo and Dokdo, it offers gentle exfoliation, targeting skin texture and sebum. The addition of Red Algae and Panthenol enhances hydration, calms blemishes, and is perfect for all skin types. Whether you're a fan of the original or new to K-beauty, this lightweight and fast-absorbing toner is a must-have!