Boku wa Mada Kamenai - Manhwa

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Title: Boku wa Mada Kamenai - A Tale of Alpha Bonds

- Oscar, an Alpha, embarks on a journey to find his soulmate while attending university in London.
- In this captivating manhwa, Oscar unexpectedly forms a deep connection with Luca, another Alpha who is his complete opposite.
- Through their unique bond, Oscar, a wounded Alpha, discovers healing and redemption in the face of adversity.
- Boku wa Mada Kamenai is a highly anticipated spin-off of the popular series "Kimi wa Mou Kamenai".

More Information:
- Language: Korean
- Size: 128 x 180 x 20mm
- Age: 19 years old (recommended age)
- Author: ASAJIMA Rui
- 100% Authentic Crew Product