Beauty Of Joseon - Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser

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Hey there, fans of Beauty Of Joseon! We've got something special for you - the Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser!

This amazing product has a pH level of 5 to 6 that protects your skin's protective barrier, helping maintain the balance of oil and water on your skin. It removes skin waste without damaging the skin's protective barrier. Plus, it comes in a light gel texture to keep your skin moist even after washing your face.

The Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser contains 24.5% Prunus Mume Fruit Water and 2.94% Phaseolus Radiatus Seed Extract, making your skin moist and healthy. Prunus Mume Fruit Water has been used as an herbal ingredient for a long time and helps soften the dead skin cells and revitalize the skin. Phaseolus Radiatus Seed Extract is effective in removing the dead skin and waste. Mung beans were used as a facial cleanser during the Joseon Dynasty. In Donguibogam, there is a record that washing the face with Mung beans helps make the face clear.

This product is ideal for ALL skin types. To use, simply apply an appropriate amount to your wet face and massage around. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser comes in a 100mL bottle and has an expiration date of 36 months after manufacturing date or within 12 months after opening.

By purchasing this product, you're not only treating your skin to some amazing benefits, but you're also supporting the artist behind Beauty Of Joseon. So what are you waiting for? Add the Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser to your cart now!