B.I - To Die For

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🎼 Track List:
- 해일 (Wave) (feat. kid Milli, Lil Cherry)
- 망가진 장난감의 섬 (The Island Misfit of Toys)
- Die for love (feat. Jessi)
- 겁도 없이 (Dare to Love) (feat. BIG Naughty)
- 개가트닌생 (Beautiful Life) (feat. 크라잉넛)
- 구르믄 (Cloud Thought)
- NERD (feat. Colde)
- 열아홉 (NINETEEN)

💿 Album Contents:
- Sleeve Cover: 130x183x13mm, 1ea, 2 versions
- Text Book: 120x180mm, 20p, 1ea, 2 versions
- CD-R: 2ea, 2 versions
- Photocard: 55x85mm, random 1ea out of 3ea, 2 versions
- Postcard: 100x150mm, 5ea, 2 versions
- Seal: 40x50mm, random 1ea out of 4ea, 1 version
- Poster (First Press Only): 420x594mm, 1ea, 2 versions

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