[The Crown Prince is Gone / 세자가 사라졌다] MBN Drama OST Album

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Release Date: July 16, 2024

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1 CD
1 Photo Book (80 pages)
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6 Lyrics Cards
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Track list


01. 아스라이, 더 가까이 - 수호 (SUHO)02. 내 곁에 있어요 – 태일 (TAEIL)03. 한숨 – 이브 (이달의 소녀)04. 바람 같아서 – 하은 (포맨)05. 별 하나, 그 밤 – 주찬 (골든차일드)06. 백일몽 - 예영(Geenius)[Track List]


01. A Rriver Runs Through It02. Bossam03. Prince Disapear04. A Piece Of Scale05. Missing You06. Always Behind You07. Stealth Mission08. Dethroned Crown09. Avidity10. In The Quiet Fog11. Cherish12. Macho Man13. Conflict14. Counterattack15. Dark Emotion16. Unforgettable17. Giddy Giddy18. Myung Yoon19. Unable To Love20. Come Again21. Way Back Home22. War

MBN's weekend drama "The Crown Prince Disappeared" OST album features 28 tracks, including theme songs by artists like SUHO and TAEIL, capturing the emotions and turbulent romance of the main characters in a Joseon-era comedic escape. The album, loved by fans domestically and internationally, includes a photo book and special memorabilia.

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