Kiyoku Tadashiku Yasashiku Abaite - Manhwa

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Title: Kiyoku Tadashiku Yasashiku Abaite - A Captivating Manhwa

- The story revolves around Fujinaga Ryusei, who has been raised strictly since childhood.
- As he enters university, things take a dark turn, revealing a hidden side of reality.
- These are physical copies of the popular manhwa, Kiyoku Tadashiku Yasashiku Abaite.
- Authored by Howako, this captivating story is a must-read for fans of the genre.
- Size: 128 x 182 x 20mm
- Suitable for readers aged 19 and above.

More Information:
- Language: Korean
- Publisher: Jo Eun World
- 100% Authentic Jo Eun World Product