DEATH'S GAME OST Vinyl LP Album - TVing Series

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Release Date: June 26, 2024

Contents of the merch box

- 1 Vinyl LP sleeve 180 grams
- Gatefold + Photobook (16p)
- 1 type of lenticular postcard
- 12 types of photo cards

Track List

01. 박성일 - Main Theme of Death’s Game
02. 서인국 - 기적은 없어도 *Title
03. Sondia - 거짓말인데
04. Sondia - 오늘이 하는 말
05. Judah Earl - 남겨진 사람들
06. 김유경 - 되는 게 하나도 없는 날
07. 박성일 - 이재, 곧 죽습니다
08. 박성일 - 한 번의 삶
09. Judah Earl - 기억의 구슬
10. 이상민 - 스스로에게 내린 벌
11. Judah Earl - 사냥을 시작한다
12. 심형보 - 죽음을 먼저 찾아온 죄
13. Judah Earl - 죽음을 벗어나는 방법
14. Judah Earl, Jeremiah Earl - 두려움에 떠는 인생은 진짜 인생이 아니다

The 'Jae Lee, I'll Die Soon OST' LP, based on the popular series 'Jae Lee, I'll Die Soon', continues the emotional depth of the show. The series, derived from a globally popular webtoon, tells the story of Choi Lee-jae's twelve life-and-death experiences. Music director Park Seong-il's diverse genre compositions enhance the show's narrative, providing intense and immersive experiences for viewers. The OST, featuring 14 main songs, aims to deliver comfort and resonate with a global audience, extending the show's impact.

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