Dear My Vampire - Manhwa

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Title: Dear My Vampire - A Captivating Manhwa Journey

- Discover the enchanting world of Dear My Vampire, a popular Manhwa book.
- The story begins when Chitose, the protagonist, discovers a young child named Soichiro collapsed on the street at night.
- Chitose brings Soichiro home, but something unexpected happens when Soichiro licks Chitose's blood and transforms into an adult man.
- As Chitose grapples with the side effects of vampirism, Soichiro offers comfort, referring to it as a "token of gratitude."
- Will Chitose allow Soichiro to live with her? Follow their journey filled with supernatural elements, love, and the complexities of life.
- Immerse yourself in the intricate characters and breathtaking artwork that make this Manhwa a must-read.

More Information:
- Language: Korean
- Size: 128 x 182 x 20mm
- Pages: 192
- Pre-order Date: February 8th, 2024