[CHAEBOL] Flex X Cop Script Book Set - K Drama (Set of 3)

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"Chaebol Flex X Cop: A TV show script book featuring a novel FLEX investigation story blending money, crime, and humor. Follow the adventures of a third-generation tycoon turned detective tackling violent crimes with humor and wit, offering fresh genre-bending episodes like 'Hypnosis Murder Case' and 'Gyeongseong Exorcism Movie Set Murder Case'.

Enjoy the uncut scripts packed with famous scenes, lines, and pictorials, offering double the fun of reading and visual appreciation."


  • Episode 1 You will become a police officer
  • Episode 2 Let's do well in the future
  • Episode 3 We found out a huge truth
  • Episode 4 There are three suspects
  • Episode 5 This is a murder case
  • Episode 6 I plan to dispose of it right away
  • Episode 7 This is my first time seeing a body like this Episode
  • 8 Have courage Would you like me to show it to you?
  • Episode 9 Didn't you catch the criminal?
  • Episode 10 Why did you betray me
  • Episode 11 Did you have a Goryunhoe tattoo?
  • Episode 12 You are all going to die here
  • Episode 13 A body was found
  • Episode 14 I need to know the truth
  • Episode 15 I have to catch the real culprit
  • Episode 16 How my mother died

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