A Killer Paradox - Novel - Manhwa

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- A man wakes up tied to a crucifix, held captive by a serial killer named Tang Lee.

- The man is a district attorney, and he wonders why he is there and who the twitchy man staring at him is.
- The story unfolds, revealing Tang Lee's transformation from an average nobody to a murderer.
- Surprisingly, all of Tang Lee's victims are criminals, rapists, and killers who had escaped justice.
- Is Tang Lee an angel of retribution or is it all in his mind?
- Each twist and turn uncovers a new dark corner of society's decay in this gripping and twisted thriller.

More Information:
- Language: Korean
- Size: 143 x 210 x 35mm
- Author: Kkomabi
- Alternative Names: 살인자ㅇ난감, Killer o Toy, Murderer o Toy, The Murderer's Toy, 殺人者玩弄物